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 Core Section 3 


Improve your odds of catching and smashing the cleanest waves on the Section 3, a thoroughbred wave machine with CIT Modes. Select your preferred CIT mode (onshore, offshore or allround). A great surf kite is one that gets you to the best waves and keeps you on them without a fuss. It needs excellent drift and quick loops to stay afloat in onshore wind conditions with big, fast waves. Offshore conditions require a fast kite with huge depower to stay in front of the window. The Section 3 ticks all the boxes with its new and expanded wind and steering settings. If you’re looking for effortless surfing and the right amount of pull, the new Section 3 will get you upwind and onto the cleanest waves.


Available Sizes: 6m, 12m


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Kite Core Section 3, Wave, 6m² 12m²

1.279,00 € Preço normal
639,50 €Preço promocional

Summer sale

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