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Transform your style and level up by jumping higher and grounded in a unique way with the strapless Magnet Carbon. With its lightweight, low-profile design, the board naturally grips your feet, allowing you to maneuver for longer.

The reduced composition of Magnet Carbon helps improve control, providing innovative flexibility that creates more comfort and precision during take-offs and landings, even in the most adverse conditions. Thanks to its strapless design, Magnet Carbon gives a new feeling in terms of control, with more direct feedback. Its straight rocker and parallel contour give you the speed and stability you need to power big aerial tricks.

Deep rails, combined with a precisely sculpted bottom, provide flexibility, allowing for more controlled landings.

Magnet Carbon features the innovative Slimtech Carbon Custom process, making this lightweight and sturdy board the perfect strapless freestyle board. The pad covers enough area of ​​the board for the extra grip needed in all situations, plus a rail inserted into the deck to be able to grip the board with ease during those difficult situations. The Carbon Magnet is one of the most innovative strapless boards on the market.


The board is equipped with a set of F-ONE Flow Carbon XS fins.



  • New shape for even better accelerations, pop, and handling
  • 100% dedicated to strapless freestyle
  • The lightest strapless kite board ever built: 2.3 kg!
  • Sticks to your feet
  • Huge comfort and control thanks to its exclusive slim profile



4'11"4'11" x 17.7" x 0.9"149 x 45 x 2.3 cm10.8 L2.7 kgs



1.099,00 € Preço normal
989,10 €Preço promocional

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